The health & financial benefits of owning an EV

Everything EV | 30 April 2024

You hear it everywhere — EVs are good for the environment. They can be powered by greener, renewable energy. They help reduce CO2 emissions. And they drive us towards a more sustainable lifestyle that’s healthier for you and the planet. 

But that’s not all. 

There are significant health and even financial benefits to owning an EV that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Here’s what you need to know.

EVs and your health 

Exhaust particle fumes

We’re used to hearing about the link between exhaust fumes and respiratory illnesses, including childhood asthma. They’re one of the main reasons behind the introduction of ULEZ and Clean Air Zones.

What’s less commonly known is that exhaust fumes from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) are also a major factor in long-term chronic health issues, cardiovascular diseases, and even damage to your eyes.

Not with an EV.

Noise pollution

We really don’t talk about the detrimental effects of noise pollution enough. 

But first things first, what is noise pollution? Simply put, it’s unwanted and excessive sound. That doesn’t mean just industrial facilities, construction works, festivals, and outdoor parties. Noise pollution also comes from highways, railways, aeroplanes, and even a busy street in the city.

We all know that high volumes of noise can cause physical damage to the eardrum and temporary or even permanent hearing loss. But here’s the essential bit — even at lower levels (think noisy capital city), noise pollution can

  • Interfere with recreation and communication
  • Raise blood pressure and pulse rates
  • Cause irritability and anxiety
  • Lead to mental fatigue
  • Disrupt sleep

The effects on children are even worse — stress, impairments in memory, and lower attention spans.

That is, until we fill our streets with EVs.

EVs and the environment

Noise pollution

It’s bad for human health, but the effects on wildlife may be even worse. Many animals, from insects to whales, rely on sound for nearly every aspect of their existence:

  • Navigating
  • Finding food
  • Communicating
  • Attracting a mate
  • Avoiding predators

Excessive noise pollution can lead to changes in behaviour and migration patterns, cause issues with their cardiovascular system, and, just like in humans, increase stress and disrupt sleep.

Noise pollution isn’t just damaging to the health of wildlife. To many, it’s an existential threat.

Switching to an EV won’t remove all these problems, but it will go a long way.

Air pollutants

Imagine standing in central London and taking a deep breath of fresh air. With EVs filling our streets instead of gas and petrol cars, we’ll be a few steps closer to that reality.

It’s not just a matter of exhaust emissions. Particulate matter is another considerable source of air pollution (and health problems). There are many sources of particulate matter. One of those — hitting the brakes on your car. 

The process of the brake pads against the brake discs creates microscopic particulate matter dust. While this happens with all cars, electric or not, EVs emit far less particulate matter dust, thanks to their regenerative braking technology. 

We think that’s pretty impressive.

Manufacturing and toxic land waste

Leaks and spills from oil and fuel are yet another way ICE vehicles harm the environment. They get into the ground and water sources, damaging water supply and entire ecosystems.

Yes, the manufacturing process is still a challenge, yet it requires fewer materials compared to ICEVs and many of the negative effects can be minimised through a circular economy approach.

Different ways of reducing manufacturing waste are already being explored, including: 


Changing filters and engine oil. Brake maintenance. Air filter replacements. Cleaning residue from fuel and combustion processes. There are a lot of harmful elements involved in maintaining an ICEV (particularly if chemicals aren’t disposed of properly). 

Unlike ICE vehicles, however, EVs don’t require any of that.

  • They have fewer air filters, if any at all.
  • They need fewer maintenance visits, thanks to much of it being done via over-the-air (OTA) services.
  • They use regenerative braking technology that reduces the wear and tear on brake pads and requires fewer replacements compared to conventional vehicles.
  • They create less brake dust, a known source of air pollution that contaminates waterways and surrounding ecosystems.

EVs and your wallet

There are several ways an EV will lead to considerable financial benefits.

Running costs

EV owners can benefit from cost savings of electricity versus petrol or diesel, especially if they incorporate solar power. With a solution like Powerverse, your electricity bills can go down by as much as £1,000 every year.

Add a home energy management solution to the mix, and you’re at a whole new level of budget-efficiency.

Charging up isn’t an issue either. The number of public charging stations keeps growing, there’s an entire network of free charging stations, and the government’s grant for home EV chargepoint installation helps you save up to 75% of the purchase and installation costs. 

When did you last see a deal like that for an ICEV?

Maintenance costs 

Those regular oil changes, transmission servicing, and exhaust system repairs — they’re all in the past. With fewer moving parts, regenerative braking technology, and OTA services and upgrades, EVs can be considerably easier and cheaper to maintain than your traditional gas-guzzler.

Taxes and other charges

You’ll save here, too. EV owners are exempt from the vehicle tax and when it comes to environmental regulations and related charges, completely future-proofed. 

Just think of ULEZ or the new Euro 7 standards, which set strict emission limits on cars, vans, trucks, and buses. With an EV, you’re automatically compliant — and penalty-free.

About Powerverse

At Powerverse, we’re experts in EV chargepoints, solar panel systems, home batteries, and smart energy systems that make a modern, low carbon home a reality. 

The Powerverse platform is your one-stop-shop to power your EV, electrify your lifestyle, and run your home on clean energy. Just take a look and see!

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