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Powered by AI, the Powerverse platform connects the energy you use, generate, or store, to data on tariffs, weather and more, helping you to manage it better and make it go further.

Relax. Your energy headaches are over.

With solar power, EV charging, battery storage, heat pumps, sunshine forecasts, and an everchanging list of tariffs and energy providers, today’s energy system is complicated.

Drowning in information. What's really important for low-carbon energy?

Technology changes fast. Energy management options need to be smart and flexible.

Controlling energy costs isn't easy. Where should you start?

Join the Powerverse and get smart, connected energy. Our platform combines your goals with our data and AI so that you get more for your money and cleaner energy choices.

Powerverse is a smart energy management company brought to you by global solar leader, Lightsource bp. Through its work with utilities, businesses, local communities and governments, Lightsource bp is helping meet the rising demand for affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

How we help

Monitor and control energy usage

The Powerverse platform makes it easy to see in real-time the energy you generate, store, and use. By monitoring energy demand against supply, our platform is then able to manage it, for example, increasing EV charging capacity in line with other site energy demands.

Meet Powerverse’s  powerful AI for informed energy decisions

At the heart of the platform sits our Powerverse AI Energy Assistant. She understands you and your environment so she can take action based on the goals you define. This could be anything from identifying a more cost-effective tariff to setting your devices to only charge at off-peak times.

Save time, boost results, and create new revenue streams

Our ecosystem of connected business apps, devices and leading energy products saves you time, improves results, and allows you to create new revenue streams.

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