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Make your energy go the extra mile with our rigorously tested, solar-ready, smart EV chargers.

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EV chargers you can rely on

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After rigorous testing in our London lab, the 7kw solar-ready VCHRGD Seven charger rose to the top as the perfect partner for the Powerverse AI-driven app. Why you’ll want it:

Solar compatible
Takes solar energy headed for the grid and uses it to power your car. All easily controlled by the Powerverse app

Auto Power Balancing
Constantly monitors the energy your home uses, sending less to the EV charger when required. This capability also results in a faster assessment and installation process.

Rigorously Tested
Best performer, selected through rigorous testing by the Powerverse engineering team.

3 Year Warranty
Peace of mind if there are any issues with your charger.

Quick to install
Designed for a straightforward, speedy install

UK-based Support
Our team is on hand to help you with any queries


Powerverse Quality Standard

  • Intensive laboratory testing
    After rigorous testing in our London lab, the 7kw solar-ready VCHRGD Seven charger rose to the top as the perfect partner for the Powerverse AI-driven app. Since we started testing in 2010, chargers have come and gone, but VCHRGD powered through as robust, reliable, and compatible with other sustainable technology. Plus a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. We will welcome other chargers that meet our high standards into the Powerverse over time.
  • Fast & secure installation
    Your charger will be installed by one of our experienced Installation Partners so you know you're in good hands. The installation usually takes 2-3 hours and comes with a 1 year warranty as standard.
  • Smart service at your fingertips
    Our virtual Energy Assistant, is always on hand to help you monitor and manage your EV charger. Through Powerverse's AI, raise tickets in the app with our UK-based customer service team for a rapid response. As a customer, your needs come first.

Why choose Powerverse EV chargers?

Smart charging
You decide when to charge. Get the best energy savings by setting it to charge at off-peak hours. Or do your bit for the environment by charging when electricity from the grid is at its greenest.

Solar EV charging
If you're already generating solar power, you can use it to charge your car. If you're not, your charger will still be ready for it whenever you are. Save money and free yourself from the grid!

The Powerverse links up an ecosystem of sustainable energy products. From your EV charger to solar to battery to heat pumps, all is connected to make your energy go further - and give you more for your money.

Solutions for home and business

Home Charging

Get simple solutions for a greener home.

Auto Dealerships

Add value for customers with a one-stop-shop charging solution.

Apartment Blocks Property Managers

Hassle-free EV charging solutions at scale.

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Connect to solar

Connection is a crucial part of the Powerverse – and the electrified home. You can relax in the knowledge that all our EV chargers are solar-ready and able to divert excess solar power to your EV whenever required.

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