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Yes. You will be able to access and manage your charger on each device. You’ll need to use the same login details on each device.

The minimum version for the Powerverse app to work is iOS 12.4 and Android 6.0.

Yes. You can prevent unauthorised use of your charger by enabling the Secure Charging (Authentication Required) setting in the Powerverse mobile app. Once enabled, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself with the Powerverse mobile app or an RFID card (included with the charger), each time you connect your EV to the charger.

The RFID cards which come with your VCHRGD Seven charger provide the ability to authorise charging sessions without logging into the Powerverse app. You do this by touching your RFID card on the RFID reader on the charger. You will receive two RFID cards with your VCHRGD Seven charger.

For customers on the “Octopus Go” tariff, you can use the Powerverse app to manually input the per kWh price information by timeband, before setting the schedule for the times you want to charge. The Powerverse app is not currently integrated with Octopus Energy’s “Octopus Go”, “Agile Octopus” or “Intelligent Octopus” time-of-use tariffs.

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