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Let Vesta, our Smart Energy Assistant, manage and monitor your energy so you can save time and money.Vesta understands you and your environment so she can take action based on the goals you define. Get connected and see how our app can help you.

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Smart Charging: Vesta Scheduling

Enjoy your lifestyle and save you up to 20%* with our Vesta Scheduling.

Powerverse Vesta Automatic Scheduling allows you to simply tell Vesta, the Smart Home Energy Assistant, your lifestyle requirements, and she will dynamically schedule EV charging using artificial intelligence so that you never have to think about it. Vesta takes into account when you usually plug your car in, your energy tariff information, your desired charge level, the carbon intensity of the energy from the grid, and if you have them, your solar generation and weather.

This means that you will benefit from cheaper, cleaner charging, that is simple and convenient. Vesta provides you with the following lifestyle choices:

  • Powersaver: To minimise your electricity costs (& still reduce your carbon footprint)
  • Powergreen: To minimise your carbon footprint (& still reduce your energy cost)
  • PowerCombo: To balance reducing both your electricity costs and carbon footprint equally

* Level of saving varies depending on home generation, storage and consumption (including EV charging) patterns (tariff)

Regardless of which lifestyle choice you make, you will be safe in the knowledge that Vesta has taken care of charging your vehicle to the required level. All you have to do is plug it in when you get home, and then simply unplug and drive away.

Manual Scheduling

You can achieve “smart charging” with our easy to use Manual Scheduling.

Like with all other smart chargers, you have the option to set your EV charging schedule manually. Powerverse makes this very easy by providing an easy to use “clock dial” to set the timing. This means that your EV will automatically charge during the scheduled periods. This option works well for those users who like to control exactly when their car is charged, or who enjoy playing around with the schedules to learn about optimising their energy.


Superior Usability

Easy to navigate and use, with intuitive screens and menus which are easy to read and follow. Use familiar touch screen gestures such as swipe, tap and pinch.

Specific Usability Aids

  • Quick Setup: A streamlined onboarding process that guides users through app features and starting their first charge in just a few taps.
  • Interactive Guides: Use of short, interactive tutorials instead of lengthy manuals to help users familiarise themselves with the app features, making the learning process engaging and efficient.
  • Improved Visibility: A more diverse palette with slightly muted, but still clearly contrasted hues. Availability of high-contrast colour schemes and text sizes for better visibility.


Live Charging Display

Stay informed and in control at all times.

When your EV is plugged in and charging, the mobile app will show you what is going on with the charge with useful information like how much power is being used, how much electricity has been used to charge the car so far, the duration, the cost (based on your tariff), and the CO2 impact.


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Charging Insights

Understand and learn about your energy.

If you need to look back and understand all the charging sessions you can easily do this through the Powerverse mobile app. These insights will help you understand your charging patterns, so you can work out the suppliers and tariffs that are best for you, to lower your energy costs.


Flexibility to change suppliers & tariffs when you want

Never get locked into a supplier or tariff.

With Powerverse, you can keep the convenience of your lifestyle choices and Vesta scheduling, regardless of your supplier and tariff. With the increasing numbers of EV drivers in the UK, the number of competitive, low-cost offerings from energy suppliers increases and keeps changing. This means you stay in control and choose the supplier and tariff that suits you. Vesta will continue to work just as effectively to minimise your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Free Solar

Have Solar, or thinking of Solar? Even better.

Powerverse works with any solar system you might already have, or are thinking of buying. Vesta will automatically take advantage of “free” excess solar electricity to charge your EV. There are no additional costs or inconvenience.

Charger Security

With Powerverse you can rest assured that there cannot be any unauthorised use of your EV charger. You can easily control who has access to the charger.

Futureproof for a fully-electric home

Powerverse is Future Ready.

Powerverse has been designed and built for the future electrified home from the outset, and it will work with your “green home” solutions like solar, battery, heat pump, hot water and more.

This means you keep your comfort and convenience, whilst reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint. You will gain insights into your energy generation and consumption so that you can make the right choices that suit your specific needs.

Instant Charge

If you know you'll need the car, you can set your EV charger to start charging instantly through the mobile app.

Boost / Stop Charging

Change of plans and can't wait for a scheduled charge? No problems.
You can easily Boost charge the car whenever you need it, and also stop a scheduled charge if required.

Security Log

With our security logging feature, all events are captured so that you can look back at any unauthorised use of your EV charger.

Cable Connector Lock

No need to keep unplugging and storing the cable. The cable connector lock feature locks the cable plug in the EV charger, and so all you have to do is leave the cable wrapped on the charger, and not worry about it getting stolen.

Live Chat

Got stuck? Get direct help with a simple tap

If you have a problem or are unsure of something in your mobile app, there is no need to go looking for a phone number. You can have a live-chat with one of our experts directly from the Powerverse mobile app, saving you time and effort.

How it works

Connect your ecosystem in one app.

All you need to do is download the app and log in. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have the capability to control and manage your energy consumption across devices in one app using your smartphone.

Here’s what our customers have to say


Purchased a charger from Powerverse and had it installed by ChargedEV. The e2e process was great and the sales support I got from Powerverse (Megan) was really helpful. On the day of install, the engineer (Steve) from ChargedEV was great and undertook the install carefully and considerately with no mess. Overall, super happy experience from both ChargedEV and Powerverse.AC


Everything from initial installation, the equipment & use the tech has great at to this stage. The app is easy to use the automated process of plug in to charge with one-click approval pushed to iphone is great. The actual app is great too, easy to set & change charging times based on tariffs etc. The backup of having 2 RFID cards is helpful for when wifi has been out or the odd time the app hasn't been responsive (I think this is when they update)David


The company has been spot on from start to finish. Communications clear, and pleasant people have phoned to keep me in the picture. I even had a good talk about technical details with the guy running the development project, as they were in the early stages of rolling out the app. The installer on the day was pleasant, helpful, did it all very neatly, and came up with a solution to avoid the EV charging flattening our solar battery. So far the app has worked well and charged car on a few occasions. I have tried charging from excess solar during the day, and that seems to work too.

Full disclosure, I got an almost free installation, just paying for the charger and a little bit of extra labour, as part of their promotion. I would still have given this review had I paid full price, it just would have felt more expensive!FR

FAQs & User Guide

Find answers to your questions about the Powerverse App here.

You will receive access to the features in the Powerverse app for a period of 3 years, or as otherwise specified during sign-up. Prior to the end of the 3-year period, we will contact you regarding options to renew your subscription, which may be subject to a subscription fee.

Yes. You will be able to access and manage your charger on each device. You’ll need to use the same login details on each device.

Note that the Powerverse app is not currently integrated with Octopus Energy’s “Octopus Go”, “Agile Octopus” or “Intelligent Octopus” time-of-use tariffs. However, we’re exploring ways in which we might become compatible in future. For customers on the “Octopus Go” tariff, you can use the Powerverse app to manually input the per kWh price information by timeband, before setting the schedule for the times you want to charge.

When you place your order we capture Name, Address, Phone Number and some details as to whether you are a home owner and whether your home has off-street parking. We need this data to determine whether we can serve you and also to be able to assign an installer from our trusted installer network based on your location.

During the Digital Home Assessment, we capture details about your home energy use as well as more technical details about your current electrical installation – including photographs of things such as your consumer unit (fuse box), and the location where you want your charger to be installed. Powerverse and our installation partners use this information to plan your installation and also to determine whether you need to apply to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) before installation, or possibly have an isolation switch fitted. (See other FAQ entries for information on DNO applications and isolation switches.)

We collect technical information pertaining to each individual charging session – start / stop time, rate of charge (kW), energy added during charging session (kWh). Additionally we capture the total amount of power being accessed by the home. If charging authorisation is enabled then we process each request for authorisation.

Data security is of paramount importance to Powerverse, all data is stored securely, is encrypted in transit and personal data is only accessed by staff when their job role demands it such as, for example, for the purposes of contacting you about your installation, answering a query, or helping to resolve an issue.

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