VCHRGD Installation & Powerverse Commissioning

Everything you need to know for a safe, compliant and successful installation of the VCHRGD Seven EV Charger and integration with the Powerverse platform.

1. Install the VCHRGD Installer App

This is required as part of the VCHRGD Seven Installation process. Select your preferred mobile operating system:



2. Follow the steps in the VCHRGD Seven Installation & Powerverse Commissioning Guide

To install and commission the charger, and connect it to the Powerverse platform, follow all steps in the guide here. Please do not follow the guidance contained within the VCHRGD Installer App Guide as this will result in a failed installation. 


3. Ensure the customer has installed and logged into the Powerverse app

If the customer has any questions please direct them to their “Welcome to Powerverse!” email which includes the Powerverse App Guide , VCHRGD Seven User Guide and customer support details.


For help during an installation

Call us between 9am and 5pm on 020 4586 6768

Alternatively email us at: