The complete guide to the home EV charger installation grant

EV Installation | 30 January 2024

An electric car without a home EV charger is like a Netflix subscription without a decent internet connection. Your favourite series are all there, but you keep missing the best bits. Soon you’re watching the money leave your account every month and wondering if it was worth the investment.

The good news — there’s an easy remedy: the EV charger installation grant, which can save you up to 75% of home EV charger installation costs. 

Read on for a breakdown of the eligibility criteria and the steps to follow to turn that buffering nightmare into an HD quality experience.

What you can claim

To claim the government’s EV chargepoint grant you need to own or rent a flat. This allows you to save £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a home EV charger (whichever amount is lower). 

Note: The grant only applies to households. There are separate grants for landlords and building managers.

Who’s eligible for the grant

There are three main characters in this episode — you, your EV, and your parking space.

The story’s quite simple.

You Your EV Your parking space
You can apply for this grant if you:

  • Own and live in a flat (including flats bought through the shared ownership scheme)
  • Live in a rented flat (supporting documentation, such as a rental agreement, may be required)

In both cases, the property has to be in the UK. The Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not covered by the grant.

The EV has to be:

If the lease includes a chargepoint, it must also:

  • State that the chargepoint will become yours after all payments have been made
  • Show the cost of the chargepoint and its installation, including VAT
  • Come with a chargepoint warranty 

Keep supporting evidence nearby — you’ll need it to prove all of the above.

The parking space you use has to be:

  • Clearly defined
  • Off-street
  • Private
  • Accessible to you at all hours
  • One you own or have legal right to (Land Registry title deeds will most likely be needed as evidence) 

You won’t be able to apply if you:

  • Live in a house you own
  • Are moving or planning to do so
  • Want to move an existing home EV chargepoint to a new location
  • Have already benefited from either: 
    • This grant
    • The Domestic Recharge Scheme
    • The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme 

And finally, make sure the charger you select is on the list of OZEV-approved chargepoint models.

For practical tips on how to find the best home EV charger for you, turn to Your complete guide to buying & installing a home EV charger

How to access the grant

As with all the top Netflix series, there’s a clear plot structure to your EV charging happily ever after story.

Step 1: Choose your EV chargepoint supplier and installer

Some companies, like Powerverse, will be able to deliver an end-to-end managed service that includes:

  • Initial assessments and electrical audit 
  • Supplying OZEV-approved chargepoint models
  • Engaging an OZEV-approved installer
  • Managing your EV chargepoints
  • Ensuring ongoing maintenance

Alternatively, you will need to invest more time to find and manage several contractors to perform an electrical audit, supply EV chargers, install chargepoints, and ensure ongoing maintenance and repairs when needed.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to make sure you’re working with an OZEV-authorised representative or installer.

Step 2: Perform an electrical audit

It is crucial to make sure the current electrical system can withhold the additional load created by EV charging, as well as to check for any potential technical complications or improvements that may be needed during the installation process.

A certified electrician will be able to do that for you.

Step 3: Agree on the installation costs 

After an electrical audit and assessment of your home and EV charging needs, your installer will provide a quote for the supply and installation of the home EV chargepoint.

This is a good point to ask about their process for choosing an EV charger to make sure you have the possibility to consider all your options. (As we’ve shown here, missing this step can create a lot of headache for you later down the road.) 

Once the costs have been mutually agreed on, the installer will be able to start the grant application process for you. 

Step 4: Fill in the online application form

At the start of the process, you’ll receive an online application. This is when you prove all that supporting documentation we mentioned before (Land Registry title deeds, proof of EV ownership or lease, and so on). Your installer should be able to guide you through every step of the process.

Once that’s done, the form will go to OZEV for approval. If no additional information is needed from you, OZEV will let your installer know that they can begin the installation.

Step 5: Begin installation

The chargepoint installation process must be completed within 90 days from the start. If that’s not possible, your installer will need to submit an additional form to OZEV requesting an extension of the deadline.

In some cases, OZEV may choose to perform on-site audits to make sure the installation process meets the grant requirements. If they’re not allowed on site, the process may be stopped.

Step 6: Review the final invoice

Your installer is the one who needs to claim the grant once the work is done. They’ll be asked to supply details on your chargepoints, photographs of the installation process, as well as a final invoice.

The grant is paid directly to the installer, so the invoice you receive should clearly show the grant amount subtracted from the total costs.

And voila — you’re now at the next level of wallet and planet-friendly driving. 

More questions about the process?

Take a look at these resources — or get in touch to speak to one of our consultants directly.

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